So, my friends ... everything slowly comes to an end, and the Barbers have retired. We wish them a grand retirement! They have been very special to us all these years. THANK YOU TO THE BARBER FAMILY! We appreciate your sharing our Spanek Vertical Roasting products and Seasoning Blends and spreading the word amongst your peers in your grand Kingdom.
-- The Spaneks

With the Barbers retiring, we're conducting a search for a UK distributor but in the meantime we wanted to find a way to get you your Spanek products for the moment.

International shipping ... that's the catch. If you order just a couple of 6oz jars of seasoning blend for $12.50 each, in addition to the cost of the seasonings you'll see that you have to spend $24.50 just to get it from us to England; the shipping's expensive! So ... may we suggest that you take advantage of the special rates that the USPS offers for Priority Special Box shipments? There is a $75 flat-rate box and a $95 flat-rate box. We can fit a nice selection of our Spanek wire items and/or our 100% natural seasoning blend jars into either of these boxes. To make it economical you'll have to order a bit more than one item, but generally you can get 2 or three chicken roasters and five to eight 6oz jars into one of the smaller boxes -- even more into the larger one (27oz jars as well).

Let us know what you would like and we'll help you figure out how to keep you and your friends or neighbors in great flavorful holiday spirits -- along with a little discount. We'll take care of you. Just email us and we'll help you get the products shipped to you directly.

Select the roasters or seasoning blends and sizes you want, jot down the item numbers, and then email us at We'll help you figure out the order to optimize the space in the container to get you what you'd like ... and all of your shopping is done! We'll send you a confirming pro-forma invoice and then you can place your final order.