Artwork Standards

Spanek's goal of 100% satisfied customers can only be achieved if we give you a product that meets or exceeds your expectatins. Please help us meet that goal by following our imprint policy guidelines as carefully as possible.


All artwork must be 300 dpi or better. This means that laser printed is acceptable, but photocopies of laser printed output generally are not. Under no circumstances would faxed copies of artwork be satisfactory. The crisper the better.


In general, text must have a point size of at least 9 pt. Text that is either too small or too fine will not reproduce clearly and will result in a broken line effect and consequently not be clearly readable.


Although the total available imprint area on our product measures 1 3/16" wide
by 1 5/8" high, for aesthetic reasons we recommend that the ad copy be no greater than 1 1/16" wide by 1 3/8" high. If you are preparing the artwork from scratch, we recommend that it be created at 200%. This artwork could then be reduced by us to 100% at no charge when a film positive is created.

Existing artwork that varies from these ideal measurements is acceptable as long as it falls within the following ranges.

Length  1 3/16"  3"  22  58 
Width  7/8"  2 1/4"  31  77 

It is possible to allow much greater flexibility for artwork that is larger than the ideal size than for artwork which is smaller because artwork can be reduced in size, but not enlarged without loosing resolution.


All artwork should be black and white. In some limited cases, artwork which is not black and white will still be acceptable if the degree of contrast between the graphic elements and the background is significantly high.


All artwork not meeting the above standard can be revised by our art department for a flat charge of $25.00. We can also typeset and add to any artwork text or a telephone number for a flat charge of $10.00.

For Specifications on Computer Artwork or answers to any
artwork questions call 1-408-446-3000

Questions and Answers? Need to place an order? Call Spanek Customer Service between
9:00am and 5:00pm, Pacific Time at 408-446-3000.