For over 40 years the Spanek Marketing Group has designed and
developed many different innovative products. Many of you know our personal claim-to-fame with our Spanek Vertical Roasters.

Over the years, we have discovered unique concepts that have a certain "magic". LeClip® is one of those products.

Developed and invented by one of our talented associates, LeClip® (registered to Spanek, Inc.) delivers that special message to
your customers, friends, special event, promotion, wine tasting,
wedding ... the list is endless.

Modern technology gives us the opportunity to create a special logo or message just for you. Enjoy this site on LeClip.® Whether you create LeClips®. at home on your computer, or we pad print them for you, feel free to contact our LeClip®. staff to help with your message or logo.

Fine food - finds fine wine!
- finds fine art!
- finds fine money
and fine friends.

LeClip® is friendship!

Denis Spanek



Let LeClip® add that
personal touch for you.
. . . . . . . . . . . .

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