LeClips® are fantastic for weddings!
They are perfect to capture a truly romantic event for your guests. LeClip® allows your guests or friends to socially act without a balancing act. Ask us to fax or send you a sample sheet specifically designed for your wedding party.

You may choose your own design and include names and dates. There are three standard colors to choose from including; clear, white and smoke. It's as easy as that! Minimum orders are 150 pieces bulk. *See our accompanying price sheet for information on how to order. All designs are computer generated and on hand ... Simple as that!

See our Wedding Sampler

an interesting fact . . .
The LeClip® has accented the most prestigious anniversaries, birthdays,
fund raisers, inaugurals, wine-tastings and sporting events known to man. Let
us help you design a true collectible piece. Our staff is here for you.
Contact us! Be the star at your social event.

How many times do you find yourself at a party, glass in one hand, plate in another, and someone walks up to you and wants to shake hands? If you're planning a party, or are catering one, here is a chance to really shine.

The LeClip® adds elegant style to your social event. It also gives your friends or customers a memorable item to take home with them after the party is over. It's the perfect add on to decorate your plate. Make the event personal and special - ask for our catering fact sheet, it's quick, simple and easy to do. By ordering our corporate CD template designs, and putting in your own logos and messages, you can create LeClips® in your own home or office. Ask for details - be spontaneous! Let's party!

just an idea . . .
Over the years, many people have become very inventive, creating slogans with simple messages to
make lasting impressions. For example, In Vino Veritas, In Wine the Truth. Whether it is a foreign
slogan or a simple Cheers, the LeClip® is perfect.
Get creative, they'll remember who it's from and that's the whole idea.

We've created LeClips® with corporate logos of the best wines and champagne companies in the world ... From
the smallest Bed and Breakfast locations to major Hotels.

Come on!
Join the party!

Whether you are a top retailer, catalog mailer or small gift shop, use LeClip
® as a give-away included with special purchases of high-end merchandise ... Or attach the LeClip® to that select bottle of wine or champagne. LeClip® gets the message out to the customer in a clever way, just as printed matchbooks and pens with addresses can get that message out! We have a 2'' x 2'' thank you message card that can be slid right into your LeClip® containing additional information on the
product, a personal message to help your customer celebrate any special event, or we can just drop in the same logo as on your LeClip
®. Call us and we'll help you put together the perfect promotional package! Color box sets of eight are also available.


Spanek offers a number of different retail options. A traditional box holds 8 LeClips.® These come standardized with the names of the most known wine types (Chardonnay, Merlot, Champagne, etc.), popular wine and food phrases from around the world, plain or even with your store/event name. Packets of 4 LeClips® are also available. They hang easily in existing racks, or attract quite an interest with our new point-of-purchase display. You have to see this! Call 408-446-3000
A ' fish bowl ' display offers individual sales of LeClip.® A custom label stock allows imprints to be generated with a laser printer. An ' order board ' display offers standard and customized imprints that can be ordered direct from Spanek. This gives the customer the ability to purchase larger quantities of LeClips® without the retailer having to stock the inventory. Find our LeClip® can work for your business.

Questions and Answers? Need to place an order? Call Spanek Customer Service between
9:00am and 5:00pm, Pacific Time at 408-446-3000.

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