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If you have traveled this far into our web site it is because you have taken a personal interest in our company, have purchased one of our products, or just generally curious about what else we do.

The answer to all those questions is basically very simple. We've been in the gourmet products, tabletop business for over 26 years. We've had the opportunity to invent, copyright, trademark, design, market, advertise, manufacture, and distribute several hundred different classification of product in many different trades over the years.

Placemats, Cushion Tray, Coasters, Plates,
Fish Platter -- from theworks of popular Artists.

Guy Buffet, Andre Renoux & Greg Aragon
Namely, our realm includes gourmet kitchen products, food specialties, tabletop products, art mini prints,
posters, lithographs, serigraphs, and original oils.

The Spanek Vertical Roaster Collection
Marketing Success
From the original creation of the Spanek Vertical Roaster collections, to our delicious 100% natural seasonings we've had the opportunity to travel around the world a few times. We've met interesting philosophers, teachers, chefs, artists to help us better understand this world of ours. Lets just say we've interfaced with a lot of folks.

Whether you are a normal communicative human with a good idea, or a specialists with a detailed concept or even a retail account of ours that's trying to figure out how to sell and move our merchandise we are here to help you.
After 26 years we enjoy what we do. It gives us pleasure to deliver what we feel is the best roast chicken you'll ever have in your life. We enjoy giving you a reason to season. Enjoy our tabletop designs whether it's a beautiful set of placemats and coasters, plates, platters to enjoy your own dining adventures. Or if you wish to extend the art to the walls of home or office we are here for you. We know which images will become famous because when we use them in our product collections, we watch the appreciation grow as it has done in our famous art collections.  

We are not Art Brokers or dealers. We dabble only in selective pieces that we use in our collections. Look for our special features and travel with us as we tour the world with our various artist friends and discover different regions of the world.

Our art tips club is a home base for people and friends that appreciate the artist we have enjoyed so they can get insurance value quotes, sale or resale's to one another in this over complicated world of ours. Life should be simpler. Most values are done by size of painting, artist and composition complexity. Size of limited edition and whether the image is sold out or not.

Andre Renoux -- From Oil to Serigraph to Plate

So what ever your need is, big or small - whether you are a novice entrepreneur, artist or just have a good idea, or just wish to talk to one of our personal specialists -- send us an e-mail. Write us a little note at We'll be happy to listen, help and try to steer you in the right direction.

I asked a master chef, Maurice Cazalis many years ago, what do I owe you for all this help with recipes, courage , support, encouragement you given me over the last few years. He said," Denis, once you sell millions of these vertical roasters in the world and you've made your Mom's dream come true, don't forget to help the next guy."

So folks enjoy our Spanek World, as it continues to grow. We thank all the wonderful people that have interfaced with us over the years and we look forward to meeting all of you that we have yet to meet. If we can help you, we'd be pleased!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy our ever growing web-site.

The Spaneks

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