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In French, it means "sprayed, jetted, or spurted." A Giclée is an art print produced with continuous ink jet technology on a specialized printer. That reflects how the printer deposits ink on paper, canvas, or other materials that artists and printmakers favor.

The $250,000 printer employs a unique printing technology that forms images from precisely controlled, variable-sized dots of ink. As a result, the printers produce documents that achieve the visual characteristics of a continuous-tone photograph.

Giclée printmaking offers one of the highest degrees of accuracy and richness of color available in any reproductions technique. Giclée printmaking provides a luminosity and brilliance that represents the artist's original work better than any reproduction technique available today 


A Serigraph is created when paint is pushed through a silkscreen onto paper or canvas. A different screen is used for each color in the print, and this results in a print with great color density and many qualities of the original piece in terms of color saturation. This process also adds some texture to the final product.


Basically, it is a print made by using a press to transfer an image that was created initially on metal plate to paper. A large rubber roller picks up the image from the plate and then rolls it onto the paper surface. Thus, the paper never actually touches the original plate image.

Lithography is used as a commercial printing process. In commercial printing the term is used synonymously with offset printing. Offset lithography largely replaced direct lithography once the technology was perfected. It made possible much larger print runs.

Arches or
Acid-free Paper
  Paper or canvas treated to neutralize its natural acidity in order to protect fine art and photographic prints from discoloration and deterioration.


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