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We are proud to present to you our past and current family of artists. Although, not an art gallery per say, we have had the delightful opportunity to meet and work with these renowned artists because of our "L'Art Pour la Table" product design division.

As a group of marketing designers, we have sought out classic artists in the different corners of the world who have intrigued us. In studying their techniques and style in composition we have chosen particular works allowing us to create unique product concepts for your dining adventures and pleasure. Please visit our "Past Collectibles" and "Current Collections" of product designs at for our various artists.

The combined success along the way is that in the development of our product lines we see first hand which images will become popular in the art industry. And usually, these are the respective images we have available for sale from time to time.

We invite you to enjoy our fine art selections and gallery of artists. Please contact us if you wish to acquire works from original oils, lithos, serigraphs, to signed posters.

We keep a log of owner re-sales and would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction if you so desire, so let us know what you have or what you'd like.

Partake in our world and remember, "Fine Food, Finds Fine Wine, Finds Fine Art"!

The Spaneks

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Guy Buffet

Lithographs . . .
"A Celebration of Life"
Lithograph of 350. Signed and numbered. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.

Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Cruz
and Sierra Foothills
California Vineyards Series
Lithograph of 375. Signed and numbered.

The Buena Vista - San Francisco, CA

Cinematic Images
The Making of the Perfect Martini
Harry's Sushi Bar
Lady and the Slot Machine
Final Argument
Signed and numbered.

Additional Popular Lithographs
Champs Elysees
Moulin Rouge
Eiffel Tower, Rue St. Dominique
Jean Pierre
Bon Appetit

Signed and numbered.

Kitchen Prints . . .
Whimsical Collection Series
6" x 8" Lithographs
Signed and Numbered

Resale Oil Listing . . .
Original Oil
"Lahina Harbor"

for additional pieces
call 1-408-446-3000 or


André Renoux

Original Oils . . .
Sherlock Holmes
Original oil of this famous London Pub

Serigraphs . . .
Images of Paris
A collection of 16 interior and exterior views of Paris.These serigraphs were created by one of our
country's top publishers. All are signed and numbered. Limited to 95-350 total pieces per series.

for additional pieces and resale listings
call 1-408-446-3000 or



Gaylord Soli

We now have original and limited-edition multi-original Gaylord Soli works available.
Gaylord is quoted as saying " I find my paintings start from just a color."

Soli's style is primitive and stylistic in nature. His colors are flowing, vibrant, soothing -- masterfully combined. The paint is thick creating a strong sense of texture.

Based on a rich range of influences, Gaylord's art reflects his significant experiences and philosophy on life.



Pierre Barraya

Barraya once said, "I am truly fascinated by man's interest in mechanical objects and how these objects occupy ones everyday life."

Blending the harmony of nature with the complexity of objects has indeed intrigued Pierre Barraya as an artist.

Giclée . . .
Mariage blanc
Detailed still-life of white wine.

Cette année là
Set of 2 Giclees showing the beauty of the Italian countryside and villas.






Greg Aragon

Available Soon . . .
Greg Aragon's Gyotaku artwork is simply spectacular. Greg has mastered this ancient technique of fish rubbing, creating his images for all to enjoy. Some 25 years ago, Greg viewed a Gyotaku painting in a small gallery in Florida, fell in love with the art, mastered the technique -- and the rest is history.



Sarah Clementson Yaeger

Available Soon . . .
In a truly unique impressionistic style, you will find these images to be delightful, clever and absolutely enchanting. The colors are distinctly vivid, as well as the characters being amusing in their portrayal. In a word, this art to be refreshing.

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