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Andre Renoux
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FINE FOOD, FINDS FINE WINE, FINDS FINE ART, FINDS FINE FRIENDS was the formula which evolved into "L'Art Pour La Table."

Twenty-five years of promoting and demonstrating the art of vertical roasting has led to my extensive travels. I have been fortunate enough to cook in front of world famous chefs, cooking schools, and food editors. Sharing the perfectly roasted chicken with a special wine gave me the opportunity to rekindle old relationships, as well as develop new ones. Probably, the most dramatic turn of events in my business was when I revisited my European roots. Once again, I was acquainted with the unique character and charm of Parisian streets. These childhood sites now took on a whole new meaning for me.

Then, I got to thinking that the enjoyment of a beautiful meal wasn't enough.Why not create the ambience for the table as well! I was excited about the concept of bringing art from the wall to the table. In this way, a dining experience could be visually enhanced.  Extending the stroke of an artist's brush to table top design could transport the viewer to another country. Essentially, you could bring its essence and beauty right to your table.

Thus, an innovative product line came into being for Spanek Enterprises, and a whole new breath of life emerged upon the place mat and coaster industry Through this conception, exclusive arrangements were made with world-renowned artists such as Andre Renoux, Guy Buffet, Georges Coulon and Robert Lyn Nelson. Be sure to click on to our "Past Collectible Series" to see these thrilling collections.

Today, we are creating new product lines with the likes of such artists, and are also introducing the works of Pierre Barraya, Sarah Clementson Yaeger, and Greg Aragon.

Now take a tour through Spanek's Gallery and meet our family of artists who have truly inspired our "L'Art Pour La Table" Division

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Sarah Clementson Yaeger
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Guy Buffet
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California Vineyards
Vineyards of France
La Belle Époque

Georges Coulon
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Still Life Collection

Greg Aragon
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Fish Platters

Robert Lyn Nelson
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Past Collectible
Circle of Life

The French Line

Past Collectible
Les Grands Paquebots 

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