Clementson Yaeger
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A few years ago my wife, Shirley
and I decided to visit Seattle on
a little get-away weekend, better
yet a romantic escape. We explored the sights and sounds
of the Pacific North Rim, crossing
on ferries, experiencing the islands, bridges and mountains. Our adventures finally settled into an afternoon lunch at the infamous Pike Place Market.

Market News
by Yaeger

As we strolled through the little boutiques, we chanced upon a little gallery with the most adorable scenes of Seattle. In a truly unique impressionistic style, we found these images to be delightful, clever and absolutely enchanting. The colors were distinctly vivid, as well as the characters being amusing in their portrayal. In a word, we found this art to be refreshing.

When inquiring as to who the artist was (assuming at the same time that we were speaking to an employee), we were quickly set straight that the artist was standing right before us. And so, the relationship began and we became friends. We asked Sarah to do some interesting projects for us which you can view at our "L'Art Pour la Table" product site.

Pike Place Market
by Sarah Clementson Yaeger

Enjoy the world of Sarah. Better yet, explore firsthand the charm of Seattle. Pike Place Market is a vision to behold. Visit Sarah's watercolors are fresh daily, just like the salmon.

The Spaneks

Sarah Clementson Yaeger

Upon graduating from the University of Michigan, College of Architecture and Design, Sarah worked as Assistant Buyer for the Lord & Taylor Art Gallery of New York City.

In 1968 she went to Rome to begin a series of oils depicting classical Italian cities.

In 1971 she married abstract artist Michael Yaeger on the Capitoline Hill, Rome. They then traveled through France where they saw

the countryside that so inspired her grandfather, C. Harry Allis, a noted painter in the impressionist style.

After moving to Spain, Sarah and Michael opened "Studio Solstone" in a 17th-century house in Altea, on the Costa Blanca.

In 1975 she initialed a series of watercolors of Spanish villages. All her exhibitions were sellouts and she now has collectors all over the world. A top Spanish art critic dubbed her and her husband "Los congnicentes de antique Espana" (friends of classic Spain) for their work in documenting Spanish villages.

The Yaegers left Europe in 1979 and now have their studio on Bainbridge Island, Washington where they produce: "Watercolors Fresh Daily"

Annual Tugboat Races
by Sarah Clementson Yaeger

Original Watercolors and Lithographs Available Soon

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