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Guy Buffet

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Guy Buffet's life began in Paris, a city vibrant in color and expression. Novice sketches by Buffet were fashioned primarily on napkins and linen tablecloths. Later, on his twelfth birthday, he received his first box of paints, an easel and canvases. By age fourteen, Buffet had left public school to enroll in the Beaux Arts de Toulon. Nurtured amidst an atmosphere that had once been shared with such artistic figures as Chagall, Matisse, Piscasso and Toulouse Lautrec, Buffet soon discovered the avenues of expression that awaited him.

Buffet's eventual path in life brought him to the French Navy. There, he was commissioned as a military artist whereby he documented voyages. Aboard ship, was his first encounter with the Hawaiian Islands and the splendor of the tropics. His captivation with this world remained, thus initiating his division of time between Maui, Hawaii and Paris, France.

Exemplifying a myriad of talents, Buffet was soon discovered by the prominent Cooke family Later, they invited him to return to Hawaii, offering him both living and studio space upon his naval discharge. The Hawaii State Foundation commissioned Buffet to create a series of twelve paintings with the general theme of "Hawaii's Forgotten People and Places."

Buffet later received considerable notoriety as the guest of the Peking Arts and Crafts Council. Invited there to depict his view of China, he in turn-produced paintings unlike anything the Chinese had ever seen.

Worldwide recognition came in 1989 for his show with the Monnaie de Paris, which centered on the theme of the Bicentennial of the French Revolution and the Declaration of Rights of Man.

Guy Buffet shares wall space with Toulouse Lautrec at the Perrier-Jouet Museum in Paris and has in fact been their official artist as well.

Transfixed with a unique fascination of color, Buffet's canvas seems to know no boundaries. He takes the casual observer into his work both visually and emotionally. His intention is to create a stopover point where an individual can rediscover the beauty and gaiety which life has to offer. Every aspect is considered with Buffet's palette and his brush is indeed purposeful in expression.

We now invite you to enjoy the works of Guy Buffet

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