Pierre Barraya
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We were first introduced to Pierre Barraya through Andre Renoux in the early '80's.

We were immediately impressed with his
specialized style and fell in love with his
ultra realist approach and bought one
of his paintings right on the spot.

Cash et craft
by Barraya

Le bon moment
by Pierre Barraya

As our relationship grew over the years, so did Pierre's multi-faceted talents. A new dimension in still life now emerged in his works as Barraya began to capture assemblies of table top such as decanters, breads, cheeses, fruits and wines with his unique flair.

The breads themselves were almost tangible as were the delectable grapes and cheeses.

You indeed took a double take as if one could actually take a bite of any one of these delicacies because the images seemed so incredibly realistic.

It is this precision in detail that today, Pierre, is capturing in time for us and our clientele the various "Maisons" (Houses) of Wine. As our wine industry grows and its appreciation flourishes ( especially here in the states) people have begun to understand the depth of viticulture and are avid students in learning the diversity

Parole, parole! by Pierre Barraya

of the various wine regions. We are toasting the great masters of the past as well as celebrating the current award winners.

We truly look forward to our continued relationship with Pierre Barraya and ask you to enjoy future adventures with his distinguishing artwork.

The Spaneks

Pierre Barraya (1938 - Present)
In 1956-57 Pierre Barraya attended the art academy in Nice and later in 1965 received his diploma from the Paris Academy of Art with a focus in interior architecture.

Barraya was always captivated in realism and from Nice to Paris he painted his memories with a particular care for exactness in detail. Barraya loved to paint scenes of everyday life and was inspired to create works blending exquisite terrains with mechanical objects. It was not uncommon to

see a tropical beach setting combined with a classic vintage automobile.

Much like F. Scott Fitzgerald's depiction of the Great Gatsby, Pierre Barraya enjoyed adding a dash of opulence to his environment and taking ones imagination to another level of consciousness. Barraya's works have been coined as, "A Breath of Fresh Air", as if he has personally created a dream-like oasis for one to escape.

Jaguar by Pierre Barraya

Barraya once said, "I am truly fascinated by man's interest in mechanical objects and how these objects occupy ones everyday life." Blending the harmony of nature with the complexity of objects has indeed intrigued Pierre Barraya as an artist.

Lendemain by Pierre Barraya

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