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The Andre Renoux
Wine Cabinet

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 This spectacular hand-crafted wine cabinet only compliments the
other fine Andre Renoux pieces in the L' Art Pour la Table
Collection created by Spanek's Art Gallery Division.

When the cabinet door is opened, Le Procope, one of the images
featured in L' Interieur des Restaurants Parisien
is vividly displayed. There is ample room to store
wine glasses, plates and bottles

Front -- The Wine Shop


The exterior of this unique wine
cabinet features Boutiques a Paris,
a charming Andre Renoux painting
depicting a group of Parisian
boutiques in the soft light of a
spring morning.

Fine crafting and detail from the
antiqued key lock to the easy
rolling casters add to the beauty
of this piece.

@20"W x 33"H x 18"D



Left Side -- The Flower Shop

Right Side -- The Cheese Shop

And the most fabulous feature of all . . .

The "roof top" of this wonderful cabinet is hinged to fold up and reveal
a flat surface roomy enough to hold buffet plates and your favorite
horsd'oeuvre, or as a storage place for platters,
trivets, a cheese board and coasters.


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