pierre barraya

We were first introduced to Pierre Barraya by André Renoux in the 1980s. We were immediately impressed with his style and fell in love with his ultra-realist approach, and bought one of his paintings right on the spot.

As our relationship grew over the years, so did Pierre's multi-faceted talents. A new dimension in still-life emerged in his works as he began to capture assemblies of table-top such as decanters, breads, cheeses, fruits and wines with his unique flair. You could almost smell the fresh-baked breads or taste the cheeses or grapes, the images seemed so incredibly realistic.

His still-lifes, landscapes and photo-realistic images of antique automobiles have been widely exhibited throughout Europe.

We currently have two Pierre Barraya limited-edition still-life giclées available, each hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

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