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Art at Spanek

In the late 1980s, Denis Spanek developed the original marketing idea of L'Art Pour La Table, or "art for the table" — the design concept of bringing fine art from the wall to the table, where it might reflect the beauty of the cuisine and the dining experience. He brought it to Williams-Sonoma, where it succeeded beyond anyone's expectations, with series after series of fine china, placemats, coasters, dining trays, and many other fine collectibles, featuring the art of Guy Buffet, Georges Coulon, Robert Lyn Nelson, André Renoux, and other contemporary masters.

So although we are not an art gallery per se, we have had the delightful opportunity to seek out classic artists in various corners of the world who have intrigued us. In studying their techniques and style of composition we have chosen particular works allowing us to create unique L'Art Pour La Table.

As we have said for so long, "fine food finds fine art ..." For more than a decade now, as the result of our involvement in the culinary world and our development of L'Art Pour La Table, we have been able to offer original oils, acrylics, and watercolors, as well as limited-edition prints and signed posters, to people who, like us, have fallen in love with the work of these renowned artists in time.

We are proud to present our "family" of artists: Susan Bourgoin, Guy Buffet, Sarah Clementson, André Renoux, and Gaylord Soli

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