susan bourgoin

The Vision Behind Visual Cuisines

Photographer Susan Bourgoin is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and attended the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. She worked as a professional chef and food stylist before opening her food photography studio, Visual Cuisines, in 1995.

She is a master of the art of photography collage, with the rare talent and ability to convey through her photographic work the mission statement that organizations wish to display to their customers. Her pieces are tactile and contemplative, taking the viewer beyond the palate of scrumptious delights and setting the scene for an entire world filled with cultures, compelling characters, scenery, techniques and traditions.

"As a photographer I work by exploration. Since I am also a chef by trade, I almost always pick a topic that describes my favorite culinary experiences. I think about the subject of the piece that I want to create, then I shoot many different images surrounding that topic. The focus of each project may be on the flavors, the traditions surrounding the food, the place of origin/culture of the people, or the mood or feeling surrounding the item.

"I choose images that are very graphic in nature and that support the experience that I am describing in color, texture, and flavor, and then I allow the piece to create itself."

Virtually any business category can be exemplified in Susan's photographic collages. Fine food, fine wine, fine art, fine business venues... Journey through her work and enjoy the expression that is taking the country by storm.

"The driving force behind my art is my love for people and cuisine. As a chef, I want the viewer to experience more than just seeing yummy food; I want them to take a bite, savor all that went into making it, and delight the senses."