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You are buying the original. There is a difference.

For over 25 years, Spanek's unique "Eiffel Tower"
design has given a distinctive flair to cooking by
roasting poultry vertically.

Chicken Roasters
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Great for the health-conscious . . .
Aside from offering an occasional chuckle, this method cuts cooking time up to 60% depending on the size of rack, it holds more moisture in, and allows for quick and easy carving. Spanek Vertical Roasters allow poultry to baste itself. The meat never touches the pan, eliminating the need to add butter, oil, lard or sprays. Low-fat, high-flavor meals can be easily created for diet and health-conscious consumers, as well as gourmet cooks.

Turkey Roasters
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Cooks in half the time . . .
As the patented heat-conducting frame comes in contact with the bird's interior, natural juices are seared in, keeping the poultry uniformly moist and succulent on the inside, yet perfectly crisp on the outside and all in less time than with conventional methods. The meat is flavored naturally by it's own juices, while fat drips out into the pan below. This liquid can then be degreased and used to make gravies and sauces.

So tender you can
carve it with a carrot!
Super moist, tender and tasty . . .
Carving becomes a dramatic part of the meal. The meat is so tender that it can even be carved with a carrot! With four strokes of a knife, the poultry comes apart in four complete pieces, leaving only the cleaned carcass. And smaller birds can be served right on their roasters, allowing dinner guests to carve their individual bird.


Game Hen Roasters
Quail Roasters
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A different roaster is designed
for every size bird . . .

We began the Spanek Family of Roasters with the Chicken/Duck Roaster, and then expanded the line to include roasters for Quail, Game Hens and Turkey. Each roaster is specifically designed for each size bird to do just the right degree of searing without drying the meat. Spanek Vertical Roasters also fit under hooded smokers on barbecue grills! And all come with complete instructions and cooking suggestions, including a Kosher recipe mix developed in cooperation with Empire Kosher Poultry, Inc. 

Meat and Poultry
Gourmet Kit or
Conversion Kit
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Not just for poultry anymore . . .
The taste of foods done vertically is not limited to poultry! With specially designed skewers in our Meat & Poultry Gourmet Kit, you can quickly cook a variety of hor d'oeuvres and main dishes. (If you already own our Chicken/Duck Roaster, you can purchase the Conversion Kit separately.) Using the Spanek Vertichoke, artichokes, and even potatoes, are quick and easy perfect every time!

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