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You are buying the original. There is a difference.

Welcome to a whole new way of cooking poultry, meats, fish and vegetables. Save time, effort and energyand best of all, experience better eating with more flavor and nutrition, but less fat and sodium.

Spanek, Inc., the original patent holders, has been manufacturing and marketing the Spanek Vertical Roaster for over 20 years. Distribution is now worldwide! Dedicated to providing delightful culinary adventures, we offer an exciting array
of tools, seasonings and accessories designed to enhance and enliven cooking, dining and entertaining. Most recently, we have developed Spanek For All Seasons, a cookbook to take you, and your Spanek roaster, on a year-round taste extravaganza.

The role that gravity can play in roasting has been recognized for over 2,000 years. A Brief Look at the History and Principles of Vertical Roasting offers a closer look at how and where man began to have vertical thoughts. However, it wasn't until the 1950's, that a frustrated Cordon Bleu chef, named Anna Spanek, longing for fresher taste and juicier poultry, designed what is known today as the Spanek Vertical Roaster. Click here to read more about Anna, her son Denis, and the creation of the Spanek Vertical Roaster.

With our success has also come constant knock-offs. Please don't be fooled by these imitations! Always look for our logos and trademarksif it doesn't say SPANEK, it's not! Check out the Spanek Top Ten reasons why distributors continue to choose Spanek Vertical Roasters over the imitations. 

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