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You are buying the original. There is a difference.

Spanek's innovation and success in the vertical roasting market have led to a variety of knock-offs. The following information highlights why distributors continue to choose Spanek Vertical Roasters over the imitation products.

1 Spanek is the original inventor of vertical roasting!
2 Spanek has been around for over 25 years! 
3 Spanek roasters work because:
a) They are made from USA certified steel wire.
b)They are scientifically designed to fit each size of poultry to ensure proper searing of the bird's inner cavity.
4 Spanek Vertical Roasters are promoted, along with other Spanek products, on national television ­ QVC-HSN and other shows ­ as well as internationally ­ QVC H.O.T. and M6. This exposure has made the Spanek Vertical Roaster a very hot item, garnering tremendous success. Spanek has made vertical roasting a household term. 
5 Spanek Vertical Roasters have been written about and praised by food editors across the country in major newspapers and culinary magazines. 
6 Only the Spanek Vertical Roaster has been approved and recommended by the American Heart Association, The Pritikin Institute and Weight Watchers International. 
7 All Spanek products feature recipe booklets brimming with great ideas.
8 Vertical roasting is more than just standing a bird up ­ the searing of the inner cavity locks in all the natural juices for superior tasting poultry. 
9  Don't be fooled by imitations! They do not work, and valued customers may be lost! 
10 For cooking vertically, Spanek is #1. 

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