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 Once the basic method of roasting vertically, Spanek-style, was established, everyone agreed it was the juiciest, tastiest method they'd ever used. We decided to enhance the flavor even more and developed our own line of seasonings. We now offer a low-sodium Seasoning Blend, an herbal vegetable-based Roux and a tantalizing Glaze & Marinade. These finely crafted seasonings can be used in combinations or alone, to create your own favorite sauces, glazes and marinades. They are the perfect accents for poultry, soups, casseroles, spaghetti, beans, chili, hamburgers, meat loaf, salads, dips and more!
Free condiment sheet with every order.
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Spanek Seasoning Blends

Enhance poultry, roasts, ribs, fish, vegetables, casseroles, soups and salads with these intriguing seasoning blends.


American Blend:  Select herbs and spices to spark up indoor roasting and outdoor grilling.

SCC-900 - 6 oz jar $9.50* *Two for $18.00

SCC-901 - 6 (.5 oz.) travel packs $5.95

SCC-902 - 27 oz jar $35.95 (Not included in two jar offer)

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Euro Blend:  Unique garlic accent combined with European flavors.

SCC-912 - 6 oz jar $9.50* *Two for $18.00


Latin Blend:   A dash of warmth so authentic to the Latin Climate.

SCC-911 - 6 oz jar $9.50* *Two for $18.00

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 Asian Blend:  Exotic and mysterious flavors of the Orient.  Great for Stir Fry!

SCC-913 - 6 oz jar $9.50* *Two for $18.00



 Set of four 3 oz jar seasoning sampler pack. (American, Euro, Latin, and Asian blends)

SCC-939 -  4 pack special.  $20.00

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Spanek Roux

An herbal vegetable base concentrate.  Just add your favorite liquid, from wine to fruit juice to root beer for a creative sauce sensation.


SCC-904 - 9 oz jar $9.50* *Two for $18.00

For more information on Spanek Roux

Spanek Glaze and Marinade

A blend of Hawaiian brown sugar cane, aged soy sauce and
ginger to tantalize your taste buds. A spritzer nozzle is included to
make application easier.

Recipes included.

SCC-905 12 oz jar $9.50*
*Two for $18.00

For more information on Spanek Glaze
and Marinade

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The Four Seasons Spanek Vertical Cookbook


A 20 year collection of great tips and recipes using all sizes of vertical roasters and Spanek Condiments throughout the season, and much more.

SCC-095 - 18 pages $3.95 

Bonus Pack
Order all three different condiment seasonings and receive free,
the Four Seasons Cookbook


 SCC-906 - 6 oz. seasoning + 9 oz. Roux + 12 oz. glaze $24.95

All Spanek products are manufactured in the USA and carry a Five Year Warranty.

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