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Yes, It Works On Any BBQ

The Spanek Vertical Roaster™ works perfectly on virtually every BBQ size. Even those little portable collapsible units! The trick is ... adjusting to what you have!


Small or large; it doesn't matter. You'll use the same method either way.

Place 2 or 3 clay bricks where the charcoal normally goes, and remove the top steak grill — you don't need it! Now you have a new platform for an old pizza pan or an aluminum tin that you can throw away after you are through.

Place approximately 25 lit charcoal briquettes around your bricks. (I use one of those chimney starters to get the coals going, not lighter fluid — never really liked that smell.) Then add 25 to 40 more briquettes, depending on the size of bird (Game hen: 25; Chicken: 30; Turkey: 40 +), on top of the lit ones.

Mount the poultry on the Vertical Roaster and season with our Seasoning Blends of the World. Put your poultry on the tin or pan.

Set vents on the Weber bottom and the cover to ½-open ... cover ... and go play golf. When the coals go out, your bird is done! It's as simple as that. (Don't open the lid to check, it reduces the cooking temperature.)

Weber mini-movie:
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Pumice (Volcanic Rock) Charcoal Grills

This is the same approach as with the Weber. Remove the steak grill (top grill). Push your pumice rock to the right or left and drop a 12" square Spanish Tile or Pizza Stone in the middle of your BBQ. This creates a flat surface for your tin or pan and even gives you enough room for our turkey roaster.

Adjust the heat to 350° to 400° (usually half way between medium and high). Close cover and follow regular roasting instructions.

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Gas grills, Cajun slow cookers, Kamado cookers (The Big Green Egg), etc.

Take the same approach as above: Make space for a 12" square Spanish Tile or Pizza Stone in the middle of your BBQ, so that there's a flat surface to place your tin or pan and the roaster.

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Tips and tricks

Everything is vertical, so you don't have to turn your bird. Really ... Relax! Once you get a grip on this, you'll be calling us to say, "Bless you!"

Use smoking chips on smaller tins around the BBQ for added flavor.

Add about 5 minutes per pound to your cooking time for BBQs, depending on the elevation of your region.

You can also put a little aluminum foil hat on the top of the bird to protect the wings. Just make sure to poke a hole in the top of the hat where the roaster center is to keep it ventilating.

If you have any questions, call us at 1-408-446-3000. We are here for you. Once you try a Spanek vertically roasted bird, you'll never turn back! It's simple, easy, and the best darn poultry you've ever had.


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