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For over 40 years we have had the chance to meet some fantastic people in our vertical journey through time. We invented a category and shared our invention, the Spanek Vertical Roaster, with millions of people. Now we feel the time has come for us to dedicate our twilight years to Health and Wellness, and in doing so, to share our tips and tricks with all of you.

So welcome, and read on!

Spanek Welcomes...

... Barbara Seelig-Brown to our Vertical world.

Well known for her "Stress Free Cooking" shows and the author of numerous American Diabetes cookbooks, Barbara has been a vertical roaster advocate for many years now.

We are formulating an alliance to bring you easy recipes and guidelines toward better health for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Barbara's new cookbook, "Secrets of Healthy Cooking," is coming out soon. Keep an eye out for it here!

Cooking with your family can be enjoyable and economical!

Here’s the formula:

Learn how to feed a family of four for under $10 (Total food expense).

Grocery Items:

- 1 4 lb. chicken @ $1.09 per lb. = $4.36
- 4 potatoes = $1.20
- veggies (you pick‘em) = $1.80
- bread/butter = $1.50

Total = $8.86
and there’s even something left for dessert!

How do you take advantage?  Well, here’s the equipment you're going to need:
The Spanek Vertical Chicken Roaster will cook - simply and easily, the best poultry you’ve ever had!
It’s an investment that will last a lifetime!

Cost is $19.95 for the Spanek Vertical Chicken Roaster (black non-stick)
or $24.95 for the roaster plus a 6 oz. jar of Spanek Seasoning
$16.95 for the Spanek Vertical Chicken Roaster (chrome)
or $21.95 for the roaster plus a 6 oz. jar of Spanek Seasoning

Keepers In Time

We created a terminology page in our art section some years back to help people identify what type of artwork they may have ... and it is probably one of the most visited areas on our entire site.

It may have been Leonardo da Vinci who once said, we are only the keepers in time, and then we must properly arrange to showcase and pass the works on.

So here's what we are going to do, for you folks that have been emailing and writing and asking if we can be helpful to find a new home for your inherited art pieces or works you wish to pass on to a new home. We have an art resale area for you, where we can share your collections and works that have come available. Take a look. Call us if something catches your eye, or you want us to showcase a piece from your collection ... in time.

It's Thanksgiving all year long!

Remember the great Spanek Roaster article by Carolyn Jung in the San José Mercury News? Well, it's Thanksgiving all year long! Carolyn and her Spanek Vertical Roaster went head to head versus a CIA-trained chef and his staff of 19 in a Thanksgiving Dinner Cookoff ... and the best-tasting turkey won! As they say in the newspaper business ... "read all about it!"

So why reserve turkey only for November, when you can have a delicious meal, perfectly cooked, all year 'round with this great recipe contributed by our friend Sam Gugino! The secret? The Spanek Vertical Roaster. Cooks faster, cooks juicier -- in the oven or on the grill!

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