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Welcome to Health and Wellness

We want to introduce Barbara Seelig-Brown to our Vertical roasting family!

For more than 40 years we here at Spanek, Inc. have been blessed to have worked alongside great culinary mentors, and shared with them the vertical roaster product category that our family invented.

(Recently I completed my memoir of our vertical journey to this point in time. Coming soon — I hope you'll enjoy it!)

As the years have gone by, health and wellness have become a major priority for me personally, and for my family. My brother and many of my close friends have battled diabetes — along with millions of other people world-wide in their lifetimes.

Beginning new chapters in our lives, we have recently connected with an absolutely incredible lady... Barbara Seelig-Brown. Barbara is the author of The Stress Free Diabetes Kitchen, Stress Free Cooking, and several other books of healthy cuisine, as well as the host of PBS's Stress Free Cooking and Foodytv.tv, and her approach to the culinary arts in spreading the message with her culinary tips and tricks caught our attention.

And we must have caught Barbara's attention 25 years back, because she's been using Spanek vertical roasting products ever since!

So we decided to adopt her ... and make her officially part of the family.

We are joining forces and going to work together to bring you all the tips and tricks to flavorful recipes into the new year ... new seasoning blends and dining adventures, products that will give you simple, elegant, and healthy answers in your diet and cuisine moving forward.

I know our mentors — both within my family and the others around us — would be excited and proud that we here at Spanek have taken our legacy down this health and wellness trail, and have Barbara joining our culinary team. So are we!

To get the ball rolling, we are going to offer immediately one of Barbara's "Stress Free Cooking" books — autographed, and delivered right to the door of your home or to a loved one.

So join us, and our various offerings coming up ... and let's welcome Barbara Seelig-Brown! Her book is a must in every kitchen, and it belongs next to our vertical roaster in your pantry.

This is going to be a fun new continuation of the vertical journey for us, and we're looking forward to sharing all the tips and tricks that Barbara and I come up with together in the years to come.

Click here to order Barbara's "Stress Free Cooking" cook book (which normally sells for $19.95 at book stores):

We have arranged for autographed copies of the book to be shipped directly to you, or to your family or friends, or anyone who you feel needs the healthy, simple answer to stress free cooking, for that same price — just $19.95, with postage and handling included.

There are so many easy things that you and your loved ones can do every day to eat well and be healthy!

This cookbook needs to be in the hands of a loved one you wish to see going down the path to health and wellness. It's a must in every kitchen, simple, concise. Dozens of recipes to accompany that vertically roasted chicken — yes, Barbara sends you her special tips on that one as well... God bless her.

Her cooking tips in each recipe blew my mind. It's so simple to make little adjustments that have you eating healthy, with recipes that taste great!

So, as Barbara says — "Put on your Bunny slippers, pour a glass of wine and start cooking" — and why not send an autographed copy to a loved one over the holiday and into the new year? They'll appreciate the love and the wonderful cuisine you're sharing with them!

Have a great holiday season, everyone. Be healthy ... and stay Vertical!


Denis Spanek
President / Co-inventor of the Spanek Vertical Roasting products.