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That's simple . . . just add water!
Just by adding water you can make a regular meal into a sensational meal. All these products are made with top-notch ingredients, and you don't have to be a chef to use them. All the "toiling in the kitchen" has been done for you ... so all you have to do is "just add water" and enjoy the compliments!

Tally ho! We're on the hunt — again!

January, 2008 — We know that this is getting a bit frustrating for our loyal customers and friends, but once again it seems we are on the hunt for a great demi-glace and sauce company.

For the second time in a year, a supplier has reverted to offering demi-glaces only in larger containers, sized for the restaurant trade, and so once again we have had to stop offering the public these wonderful demi-glaces and sauces in the individually-packaged sizes that make sense for home use.

The problem seems to be that the smaller sizes aren't profitable for many sauce markers — not unless they're priced where some of the gourmet retail chains have been selling them, around $30 a jar. So, we're on the hunt again and we'll let you know who we find to work with moving forward.

We are dedicated to natural flavor, especially as a complement to our own products. The pan juices created by roasting on our poultry cooking devices, mixed with a top demi-glace starter, produce absolutely magic sauces. So we'll find them for you — stay tuned. We have the feelers out ... we're heading off to the gourmet trade shows. We'll find them and bring things back to you at the right price.

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