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BBQ Turkey Tips and Tricks – It's not hard!

It's not hard – it's about trying it once and getting a grip on it.

Here's a letter from one of our customers. Yes, it really is this easy!

Hi Denis!

I took your advice and made our first Spanek roasted turkey yesterday. OMG, Incredible!

It was a 13lb. turkey, amazingly the market sells fresh since it is a staple in their hot deli section daily.

I rubbed the inside with a mix of lemon zest, salt, pepper, pressed fresh garlic. The outside I rubbed on some fresh lemon juice and pressed on your seasonings. Super simple. I used white wine for liquid at the bottom of the pan.

I felt adventuresome: I preheated the oven on convection roast at 400 degrees. I allowed the oven to be at that temp for 15 minutes. I put in the turkey, immediately reduced the convex temperature to 375, cooked for 10 minutes, then reduced to convection 350 and cooked another 5 min. I then switched to regular bake 350 for the remaining 2 hours. So it was a total of 2 hours and 15 min. for the best turkey ever!

(It did brown faster, so I did have to cover w/foil and punch the hole. I probably would opt to limit convection to only 10 minutes on the next attempt.)

I allowed it to sit for about an hour before carving. Carving the turkey this way was so much easier than the traditional, and the breast meat just removed perfectly!

I thought perhaps the breast might turn out a bit dry, since the thighs were cooked perfectly to temperature. Not so, the breast meat is very moist!

Overall very pleased with Summer Turkey Test! Totally looking forward to Thanksgiving now. Next year, we will have turkey at least 3-4 x during the year. Fantastic!

I'm sure you'll get a note from me during the holidays to wish you both well...and to thank you again. And I am probably going to have to send family members Spanek gifts this year for Christmas!

Donna Sue T.

So don't wait for Thanksgiving to roast a turkey! Do one now for practice -- you'll see how moist the bird turns out when you Go Vertical with the Spanek Vertical Roaster™. Once you've got the hang of it you'll never forget. All your Thanksgivings can be fantastic, and I bet you'll be roasting a bird every now and then during the year too. It's THAT good!

BBQ turkey -- no problem!

Pick up a turkey and some smoke wood-chips. The most inexpensive poultry in the meat case, these days, even in the summertime.

Don't be afraid of frozen birds, either. Fresh or frozen, they're both inspected by the USDA, and the quality is the same.

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you'll be a total pro. Here's what you do.

We chat with people all year long on line; we've been doing appearances for the Big Green Egg and various retailers lately – and the consensus of opinion is, "can't believe how easy that was!"

Here's a couple of links to review. One of the best articles ever written on going vertical with turkey right in your roaster was what we think of as the "Michael Jordan" piece by Sam Gugino a few years ago in the San Jose Mercury News. A professional chef and author, Sam breaks it down step by step. You'll see – the best turkey you've ever had really is this easy!

Then there are the mini-movies showing you exactly how to use the Spanek Vertical Roaster™ on any BBQ. (Be patient downloading the movies; the site sometimes gets busy. But if you run into any issues we'd be glad to send you direct links; email us at info@spanek.com or call us at 408-446-3000.)

And then if you have some exotic or specialty birds, ducks, wild game birds, etc., call or email us. We'd be glad to send you special recipes we've collected over more than 30 years playing our vertical game! We've been cooking vertically with private game clubs all over the world for many years.

So take the time, learn to play BBQ vertically – we'll help you. We have all the seasoning blends for you! So get a jump on it, and enjoy! You'll be glad you did.

(Yes, the Spanek Vertical Roaster™ fits any oven or BBQ ... it's just knowing what to do. We've been told by BBQ specialty people that we have one of the finest products invented for the BBQ, but as the original inventors, we kind of knew that already – we just have to get you to see how easy we've made this over the years!)

Have a great rest of the summer – have fun – and join the vertical BBQ club!


Denis Spanek
President / Co-inventor of the Spanek Vertical Roasting products.
"Remember ... we are the Original Spanek Vertical Turkey Roaster™.:"

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