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Once again, let us emphasize our goal is to provide a jump-start for your college kids away from home and fending for themselves for the first time. Even a novice to the kitchen whether it is a student or newlywed when given the right tools they can create and enjoy healthy meals. With simple prep and the ease in preparing their first vertical roaster dinner all in one pan, you’ll soon be getting applause and accolades for giving such a nice gift. The economics and cost efficiency are added perks, let alone the extraordinary taste.

Here’s the formula once again. It guides you as to how to feed a family of four for under $10 (Total food expense).

Grocery Items:

• 1 4 lb. chicken @ $1.09 per lb. = $4.36 “Whole chickens are on special for $.59 a lb at times.”

• 4 potatoes = $1.20

• veggies (you pick‘em) = $1.80

• bread/butter = $1.50

Total = $8.86 (Even some left over for dessert).

If you have parents in that older age bracket with health issues or even diabetes send along the Barbara Seelig Brown recipe cookbook. Either way, we can organize up some fun combinations for you.  Just give us a call @ 408 446-3000 .

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