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Spanek Roaster

Here's…….. What's New!!

We’re celebrating 63 Years since our very first Invention.

early vertical roaster prototype

One of our many early prototypes! 

Just a little over 63 years ago George Spanek went down to his engineering basement workshop following his wife, Anna Spanek’s conceptual request: “Make me a small Eiffel Tower so I can stand my ducks and chickens up while cooking.” Thus, the design line of the first Spanek Vertical Roaster was created. The rest was history and a family legacy was born. Over 43 years ago, Spanek Inc. brands have grown to accommodate all sizes of poultry and millions of vertical roasters have been sold. And, the products never seem to go away.

So in celebration, we have decided to create special promo’s and gift giving opportunities if you are so inclined within our various divisions especially for your personal shopping needs this holiday season. Order some of your holidays gifts with us in multiple 2 sets or more and get these value discounts, added perks, etc. The more sets you order the better the price……..Welcome and read on.

From the Vertical Roaster Division

Spanek Welcomes:

The creative book “Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?” inspired by his Mom, author Kent Frandsen has written and rewritten over the years essential tips and tricks that everyone should know. It’s not just a cookbook, but rather a practical guide with all the little things you should have taken notes on before leaving home. Our vertical roaster entry was added some years ago and can now be found on Page 123. 

page 123

We were one of her favorite chicken recipes, and very honored to be included in the book. So here’s a special just for you.

Some time back we also welcomed... to our Vertical world.

Well known for her "Stress Free Cooking" shows and the author of numerous American Diabetes cookbooks, Barbara has been a vertical roaster advocate for many years now.

We formed an alliance to bring you her easy recipes and guidelines toward better health for you, your family, and your loved ones.

If you wish her book “Stress Free Cooking book covering “Healthy Delicious & Beautiful Food,” we’ll include it for the same price combination of $39.95. Barbara’s book is valued @ $19.95 in most book stores, but your combo price is the same as “Where’s Mom book.” Get a few of each for the holidays for the kids who are now on their own and perhaps one for Mom and Dad who now need the diabetes healthy approach to life.  Get 2 or more and we’ll do the same $34.95.

Stress Free Cooking Book

So the bottom line is this…Do your creative gift giving this season with us. Perhaps you have a young one off to college with his or her own apartment and roommates. So, send them off with a couple of Spanek Vertical Roasters and a couple jars of seasoning so they can feed a whole group. This is budget minded, as well as a healthy and tasty meal. The Where’s Mom book is a bonus providing lots of great tips on all levels when they’re living on their own. It’s a must read book!

Cooking with your family can be enjoyable and economical!

Here’s the formula: for college bound kids….it makes sense. Lots of testimonials from theses folks.   Learn how to feed a family of four for under $10 (Total food expense).

Grocery Items:

  • 1 4 lb. chicken @ $1.09 per lb. = $4.36 “Whole chickens are on special for $.59 a lb at times.”
  • 4 potatoes = $1.20
  • veggies (you pick‘em) = $1.80
  • bread/butter = $1.50

Total = $8.86 ………..and there’s even something left for dessert.

Then if you have parents that are in their older age bracket with health issues or even diabetes send along the Barbara Seelig Brown recipe cookbook. Either way we can organize up some fun combinations for you.

Let us know if you want to flip into a turkey roaster instead or add one, or game hens for entertaining, or one of our universal meat/ham racks. Just give us a call and we’ll work out the numbers for you. We answer our own phones and would be happy to deal with you directly.

Our on-line site is there for your ease in ordering, but one on one, we can creatively work with your gift list adding extra perks such as personally autographed and dedicated cookbook for that special person.

How do you take advantage? Just call us…408 446-3000.

The basic cost for one combo pack is $39.95 for the Chrome Spanek Vertical Chicken Roaster), a 6 Oz jar of the All American Blend, and any one of the cookbooks…. While supply lasts, we are here for you.

The Spanek Vertical Chicken Roaster will cook - simply and easily, the best poultry you’ve ever had. It’s an investment that will last a lifetime! Also, if you want to add in a meat rack or the veggie racks we can do that. We can mix and match the price points for you. Just give us a call. We can do different packs for different family folks.

Fish Platters… Here’s a special…..If you have ordered form us before…

You've loved the magic in cooking with the Spanek Vertical Roaster, as well as our seasoning blends, so now let us share our discovery in preparing fish. The word "gyotaku" means fish rubbing. Long ago before photography, the Japanese fishermen wanted to catalog the beauty & uniqueness of their harvest. Skilled artists used this special technique in taking a whole fish which they inked/painted and then placing rice paper over the fish. The artist would then gently apply pressure to capture the exquisite design of each variety of fish.

 In our travels, we licensed an artist who was schooled in this technique and then we went to Portugal (one of the best ceramic countries) to have platters made using his images. Not only are they a thing of beauty, but you can cook on them since they can go up to 500 degrees. Fantastic fat free prep for the catch of the day.

Each platter comes complete with recipes and the story behind the artist.

This special is…. Get one at the regular price and get the second one you might like to keep or give as a gift at 1/2 price…. Yes ½ price…get two or more sets and we’ll add in the complete set of seasoning blends. We did these for QVC London over 20 years ago and this is the last of this inventory in time. Made in Portugal, the product is functional and decorative providing beautiful table presentation when serving sushi, lox and bagels, etc…. Magnificent!

Gyotaku fish platters are only available only in Snook and Scamp





Keepers In time!

As many of you know over the last 40 plus years we represented and licensed the artwork of famous Artists: Andre Renoux, Guy Buffet, Robert Lynn Nelson, Pierre Baraya, Sarah Yaeger, Deborah Haeffele, Gaylord Soli, Greg Aragon and many others……to name a few.

As the years have moved on we managed to keep and store many of the classic Lithos, Giclees and prints for these artists in our time warp locker. And in some instances we produced the entire editions, and released only a few every year, these image selections were based on the success of our” L’art Pour la Table/Table top collections)( which we still have some of as well).

So check out the art planets to see what we still have in stock, and if we don’t have what you are looking for let us know. We may know where to get one of the images you are looking for as we keep a log of who bought what/ when in time.

“We are only keepers in time to any artwork we own. And somewhere along the line as people pass on, a new caretaker takes the place of the old one. So today in time we do re-sales of those famous original artist images, especially originals and popular litho and giclees. There are great opportunities out there and we have connections to help you find that special piece. Just ask us or email.

Allow us to help create or solve your unique gift giving dilemmas. We can provide perfect poultry preparation, decorative fish platters for that special catch, distinctive seasoning blends of the world, and amazing dining adventures with placements and coasters by renowned artists. Our customer base is our extended family, so we are here for you!

Denis / Shirley/ Sean
408 446-3000