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early vertical roaster prototype

One of our many early prototypes! 

Just a little over 63 years ago George Spanek went down to his engineering basement workshop following his wife, Anna Spanek’s conceptual request: “Make me a small Eiffel Tower so I can stand my ducks and chickens up while cooking.” Thus, the design line of the first Spanek Vertical Roaster was created. The rest was history and a family legacy was born. Over 43 years ago, Spanek Inc. brands have grown to accommodate all sizes of poultry and millions of vertical roasters have been sold. And, the products never seem to go away.

So in celebration, we have decided to create special promo’s and gift giving opportunities if you are so inclined within our various divisions especially for your personal shopping needs this holiday season. Order some of your holidays gifts with us in multiple 2 sets or more and get these value discounts, added perks, etc. The more sets you order the better the price……..Welcome and read on.

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