"Where's Mom Now That I Need Her?"

Shirley's Review

This 324-page edition is far more than just a cookbook. Essentially it is a hands-on survival guide when first venturing out into the world and now living on your own. 

This book is filled with real life situations and practical answers about nutrition, conquering grocery shopping, first aid, laundry and clothing care, fixing things, as well as personal, travel and home safety to name a few.

Yes, you will find recipes for delicious meals packed between the covers. They are easy to make even for a beginner. The Spanek Vertical Roaster is featured as a main dish for you to experience the best-roasted chicken ever! It is an amazing meal with tons of leftover possibilities.

Author Kent P. Frandsen, son of Betty Rae Frandsen, first collaborated with his mom to compile everything you would need to know to survive away from home.

Kent, president of Aspen West Publishing & Distribution, earned a degree in business management, but his real education came when he was confronted with life’s daily tasks and now navigating solely on his own.

This book is a “must read” and dedicated to all mothers who never stop worrying about their children no matter how old they are!