Don't wait for Thanksgiving to roast a turkey! 

Do a smaller one now for practice. You'll see how moist the bird turns out when you “Go Vertical with the Spanek Vertical Roaster”. Once you've got the hang of it you'll never forget. All your Thanksgivings will be fantastic, and I bet you'll be roasting a bird more than only once a year.

BBQ turkey -- no problem!

Pick up a turkey and some smoke wood-chips. Poultry is one of the most inexpensive items in the meat case these days, even in the summertime.

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you'll be a total pro. Then, by Super Bowl you’ll be off and running and a crowd pleaser.

We chat with people all year long and they say they can't believe how easy that was!

Here's a couple of links to review. This is one of the best articles ever written on going vertical with turkey by Sam Gugino a few years ago in the San Jose Mercury News. A professional chef and author, Sam wrote “This Thanksgivng do a Michael Jordan. Give your turkey a vertical leap. Cook it standing up on a Spanek roaster.” Sam breaks it down step by step. You'll see how to enjoy the best turkey you've ever had. It’s really that easy!

Then there are the mini-movies showing you exactly how to use the Spanek Vertical Roaster™ on any BBQ. (Be patient downloading the movies; the site sometimes gets busy. But if you run into any issues we'd be glad to send you direct links; email us at or call us at 408-446-3000.)

And then if you have some exotic or specialty birds, ducks, wild game birds, etc., call or email us. We'd be glad to send you special recipes we've collected over more than 30 years playing our vertical game! We've been cooking vertically with private game clubs all over the world for many years.

So take the time, learn to play BBQ vertically – we'll help you. Plus, we have all the seasoning blends for you! So get a jump on it, and enjoy! You'll be glad you did.

(Yes, the Spanek Vertical Roaster™ fits any oven or BBQ ... it's just knowing what to do. BBQ specialty people have told us that we have one of the finest products invented for the BBQ, and pride ourselves as the original inventors. We just want you to see how easy we've made it for everyone over the years.

Denis / Shirley/ Sean
408 446-3000