Seasonings Allows You to Travel The World Just Like Marco Polo 

While growing up I used to awaken to wonderful smells in the house. Mom had her special homegrown herbs and magical blends for all kinds of international dishes. Every blend had a distinctive accent depending on the meat being prepared. There was the standard mix which was a so called Herbs de Provence, and then came the added final accent herb, be it rosemary, tarragon, oregano, saffron, caraway seeds, all dependent upon the types of meats being cooked and what country she was visiting that day. In our family we called it “Peace de Resistance” or the final touch!

So through our culinary travels we developed four seasoning blends to capture the four corners of the world, American Euro, Latino and Asian.

Each 100% natural blend starts you off with the overall characteristic herbs indicative to that area, essentially the base of the region. For example, the Euro has a garlic accent, and the American has paprika an agent in the herbs blend to perfectly brown the bird. Latino has a Jalapeno accent that is not too hot just a perfect hint to let you know you are south of the border. The Asian has a touch of sweetness to use for stir-fry, as well as being a perfect dry rub on prime rib roasts and even hams.

Plus, these blends work well when mixed together. The Euro and American combination creates perfect garlic bread. Latino and Euro combine for great taco salads or chicken wings. The Asian works everywhere, even desserts.

And when you do a pork roast, use any of the combinations together adding caraway seeds and you’re in that specific country. The Czechs too would be proud!

I enjoyed playing Marco Polo on all our television shows and showing people how to take dishes to another level by simply selecting an added accent from a corner of the world. Look how many variations there are in the pizza domain. Well, your chicken never has to taste the same each meal either. Get creative and have fun in the kitchen. Get the kids involved in the meal prep as well. You can slide fresh ingredients such as peanut butter and ginger under the skin and have a Tai delight.

Try our multi pack in either the 3 oz or 6 oz packages. You’ll soon be traveling to other countries and creating smells like Mom used to make. The end result will be in having the flavors blending with the natural juices of the meats to experience the best sauces you have ever tasted.


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All I can do is pass on what I learned from Mom and the mentors in my life. And, when you get any of the items, we’ll be happy to send you a cook booklet (via email) that I co-authored with actor, Dom DeLuise, some years back. We both were inspired by our mothers’ culinary dedication and for the lasting memories they created for us.

Have great holidays and stay vertical :0) 

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