The Vertichokeā„¢ turns Universal.

Vertichoke Rack

Our Verichokeā„¢ was invented back in the mid 80s

With the help of Maurice Cazalis/ One of Julia Childs / Master Chef Mentors/ from Chartres France, we together came up with the perfect upside down artichoke none, this was an award winner.

As the years moved forward , It became a Vertical potato stand, giving your vertical baked potatoes a vertical home right next to your chickens..

Then came whole vertical broccoli and the cauliflower bulbs roasted whole, heaven sent.... Then vertical Drumsticks on one side and then huge turkey drums on the wider side. Now you have the six legged turkey dinner

The perfect artichoke cooker became a perfect universal cooker and then when not in the cooking mood, we use it to ripen tomatoes, or avocado's,, stand one on top of the other and cook asparagus's

Just get these rack come in set of two or four, and are a bonus item with certain packages,,,, somewhere along the line just get about boiling those whole eggs...will it never end.

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