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Clean-Up and Care Of The Spanek Vertical Roaster™

How to easily clean up your Spanek Vertical Roaster™. . .

Clean-up Questions

How can I avoid oven splattering and clean up the roaster easily?

Fat won't jump from the side of your bird and splatter your oven. It only splatters when it hits the hot roasting pan below. To prevent this, always add a little water — about 1/4 inch. Broth or wine combinations also help to make a good sauce. And don't use a large roasting pan for one small chicken. Now, for duck you'll want to degrease the pan halfway through and add water again. As far as the Spanek Vertical Roaster™ itself, if you have the chrome model, spray it with a non-stick vegetable spray before mounting the poultry, and put your roaster in water to soak right after carving the bird. This will make clean-up easier. And every Spanek Vertical Roaster™ is dishwasher safe.

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